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The glitter manifesto

work in progress

Concept and direction Giorgia Lolli 

Co-creation and performance Vittoria Caneva, Hanna Kushnirenko


With the support of ATUTTOTONDODANZA Residenze Creative per Artisti, Teatro Quirino de Giorgio (Vigonza, PD), CSC Bassano del Grappa – Operaestate Festival.

> studio teaser

Glitter_Mario Sguotti (11)_edited.jpg

After the champagne is finished, an elephant in a crystal shop reflects on risk and unforeseen events. Kissed by light and luck, enjoying its own state of uncertainty, is dancing on the remains of a shattered party.

An anthology of choreographic fragments exploring the concept of fragility and how it intertwines our biographies in physical, imaginative and collective bodies. Strongly tied to the unique voices of the performers, The glitter manifesto is a crumbling house of glass, accompanying the bodies in search of glitter in the folds, fractures, and furrows with which sweat burns our skin.

The dreamlike and triggered landscapes weave a common thread between the intimate narratives of the individual scenes:

Glitter and Glittest.

> work in progress interview

> ITA intervista a cura di Lara Crippa


> Residency CSC Operaestate, Bassano del Grappa, 7-13 november
> Teatro Quirino de Giorgio (Vigonza, PD), studio presentation, 8 july

> Residency ATUTTOTONDODANZA, 4-8 july

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