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Don't worry, 
I really like it

work in progress

Choreography and performance Giorgia Lolli 

Solo created in the frame of Helsinki University of the Arts - Master in Choreography

With the support of Progetto HOME Centro Creazione Coreografica / Dance Gallery Perugia 2024

> teaser

Don't worry, I really like it (working title) is a performance dedicated to the materiality of bodies, about what moves them and the end that awaits them. For me, it is an opportunity to confront my own, of body, for the first time in the form of a solo. Seeking lightness in this process of creation, I ended up researching weight - a testament to the audacity of authenticity or the power of embracing one's contradictions. In this sticky scenario, dry and unapologetic composition articulates: questions related to identity and its metamorphoses, the gaze and performativity take center stage - a dance of paradoxes echoing so insistent that even my own existential crisis could not resist tapping its foot to.


What unravels can only be a macabre dance; as my grandmother used to say, "for sure, there is only death", and that binds me to other animals-human and non-human, and all other things that, like me, are made of matter. In the labyrinth of these imaginaries, Ariadne's thread is a smile, not ironic, but one of pleasure: the sensual pleasure of matter's transformation into me and through me, abandoning one life to embrace another, a future child who will face new pains and draw new pleasures.

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> Demo performance, Umbria Danza Festival, Perugia, 27 July

> Residency HOME, Dance Gallery, Perugia 23-30 March


> Demo performance, Helsinki University of the Arts, 27-29 November

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