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my sacrum is the head of a lion
(and I have proof of it)

Concept and choreography Giorgia Lolli

Co-creation and performance Ronja Antikainen, Julia Mäkelä, Vasilliki Kontopoulou, Anna Saves, Anette Toiviainen

Dramaturg Martta Jylhä  

Sound design Juri Jänis  

Lighting design Rasmus Strandell 

Costume design Suvi Kajas 

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Developed for ACO, a cooperation course between the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki and Aalto. ACO is a choreographer-led project involving students from the programmes in Dramaturgy, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Scenography, Costume Design, Dance.

Eat me stems from reflections on the portrayal of female bodies in visual arts, the consumption of images in mainstream media and the sexualization of women. Starting from a fascination for the Italian expression mangiare con gli occhi (literally: "eating with the eyes", to desire, to crave), the project questions the way the body is observed, investigating the dynamics and politics of the gaze through the relationship between spectator and performer.
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> Première at Helsinki University of the Arts, 25-30 May

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